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Express Cars long-term business vehicle rental is the rental of one or more vehicles for a longer period of time where all rental and payment conditions are agreed in advance. Long-term vehicle rental is a form of service that allows our clients to choose their own car model and accessories. In this way, it completely frees him from organizational and service problems with the vehicle.

This service includes insurance, regular servicing, maintenance and replacement of winter and summer tires, 24-hour assistance, and possibly a replacement vehicle. during the total duration of the lease, as well as after its expiration, the lessor remains the legal owner of the vehicle.

Express Cars

Long-term vehicle rental is a very popular form of rental, which is increasingly used by business entities and private users in our country, while in Europe this form of vehicle use is even more popular. Although this way of renting a vehicle is often compared to leasing, here the lessor covers compulsory and comprehensive insurance, regular vehicle services, tires and seasonal storage, assistance in case of breakdown or accident, and offers users the option of a replacement vehicle. In addition to the fact that long-term rental is, from a financial point of view, almost equal to the operational leasing service, the main advantages are much simpler administration, so business entities can focus more on their own business.

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Express Cars Banja Luka - The car rental agency operates as part of the renowned Euro Express group.

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