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The website "Express Cars" is committed to protect the privacy of all visitors or registered users of our services. Your personal we collect data only when you make it available to us yourself, e.g. within registration, by filling out forms or by sending an email, in the frame services, sending inquiries or requests related to services and in similar situations in which you are choose to provide us with data. The database and its content remain with our company and with processors and servers that act on our behalf and are responsible to us. We only collect necessary, basic user data. These data are used to help you successfully delivered the items or services you ordered.

We give our clients full choice about the use of their personal data, including the ability to decide whether or not they want their name removed from the list which are used for marketing purposes. Renting Space does not sell, rent or lease lends the list of users of its pages to third parties. With retention obligation confidentiality, we may share data with trusted partners for certain purposes: creating statistical analysis, enabling customer support, organization of delivery or similar needs.

Any such third party is prohibited from further processing your personal data.. Everyone employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection and accordingly, they consider them a business secret.

Personal data about you collected and processed by "Express Cars"

Personal data collected by "Express Cars", processes and stores, which users voluntarily leave during registration and of using the website are:

- Name and surname of the website user during registration.
- Gender of user
- Date and place of birth of the user (We mainly use this data when assigning various bonuses, discounts or birthday gifts for users).
- Address of residence or address for delivery of service or item and delivery of invoice. In these data are included: street and number, postal code and city/town where the address is findings.
- The address from which the order is collected (in case of returning the item).
- User's mobile or landline number.
- Current account number, JIB or PIB number of a legal entity in the case of the same.
- Other personal data mentioned in the "Cookie Policy" of the "Express Cars" website

Information automatically collected on our website

Unlike the information about personal data that we users themselves allow us to collect with their consent, there is also data that automasks collect. We automatically collect information in server log files, such as which is for example your IP address, the type of web browser you use, pages for redirection/exit and the operating system the user is using on their devices. We use this information to better manage our websites and with our technical solutions, better understand how visitors move through our web page, and to improve your experience while using our websites and services.

Why do we collect information about website visitors and users?

All the data we collect and analyze about visitors to our website, they serve us solely to improve your user experience experiences. The purpose of collecting various data on the website is:

- Due to the registration of your account on our platform.
- Improving and improving the functioning of our website and our services offers.
- Conclusion and execution of contracts on the use of our services.
- Compliance with legal obligations due to the realization of your legal rights (right to termination of the contract, the right to cancel the order, the right to file a complaint and the like.
- Implementation of answers to your questions or requests when using our services.
- Sending notifications about special offers, sending birthday cards or coupons for discounts and bonuses, news, promotions, loyalty programs, participation in prizes games and the like.
- Communications of delivery services with users during the delivery of ordered items or service.
- For other purposes that are defined in the "Cookie Policy" of the "Express Cars" website.

What is the retention period of all data that do we collect?

All data collected by "Express Cars" users on this platform, we store only as much as is necessary for the achievement the purpose for which that data was collected, and after that we will safely remove it from ours system and delete. As far as the legal side is concerned, we are obliged to keep the data as much as possible the time determined by a specific law or other positive regulation (two years from exercising your legal rights, i.e. five years from the issuance of the invoice). Data that are processed solely on the basis of your consent and are stored until the consent is revoked, i.e five years since your last activity on our platform.

Personal data associated with your user account on our platform is kept until the account is closed. You can close the user account yourself in the settings user account or ask us to delete it.

Access to personal data, their correction or erasing.

The user can at any time request that he "Express Cars" confirms whether the data related to it is being processed, and if it is being processed, provide access to the data, to give him information regarding the processing of his personal data data (about the purpose of processing, type of data, persons to whom they were or will be sent data.

Likewise, any user may request to be enabled to correct incorrect data in in connection with it or to request the completion of incomplete personal data. Registered users you can do it yourself in the settings of your user account on our website.

Link to other websites related to our activity

On our website, you will be able to find a link that will take you to another website, platform or social network. These pages are mainly related to our business, to the way of using third-party services, to the use of various online tools for the field we deal with. Possibly is that the links lead to various instructions for using some digital products or simply to some more detailed explanations about the service itself that you want to use on our website.

We post links mainly to help users find more detailed information, but you must remember that we are not responsible for the collection, use, maintenance, sharing of data by third parties. If you provide information on third-party websites and use those websites, the rules of privacy and terms of use rules defined on the websites of those third parties. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of the websites you visit, before leaving or sending personal information there.

By clicking on one of our sponsored ads on Google, Facebook or Instagram, you accept the possibility that data about your visit to our platform may be processed by the aforementioned social networks if you have an account on them. If you want to possibly avoid such a situation, you can log out of your user accounts from these social networks, and only then click on the link to visit our platform on one of those social networks.

Actions in the event of unwanted incidents or changes to the privacy policy.

In the event of a possible breach of security collected user data on our website and platform, which could cause potential damage to our users, "Express Cars" will do so as soon as possible to inform the users by the deadline, so that they could react in that way in a timely manner to prevent possible damage that could occur in that way. Such situations are not common occurrence, but given that our website and databases are hosted on leased premises servers, which we should mention are of top performance and security, always exists the theoretical possibility of failure, attack or other circumstances beyond our direct control to influence. Once again, we emphasize the great concern for safety, so that you know that on occasion providing your personal information through our website, all this information is sent via the Internet securely using high-quality encryption (SSL protocol) and save to our secure servers located in the EU and USA. Once again, we note ours users to use the highest quality when creating an account on our platform passwords for access, and to avoid using the same passwords on several different ones platforms.

If at any time we decide to change any of the rules in the privacy policy, "Express Cars" will post all those changes transparently on this website, so that our users can have insight into them at any time.

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